Facility Capital Improvements


Are you new to Oak Grove Church?  Wondering what all the buzz is about a new building?

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– Updates about our facility project –

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$776,452.06 – March 1, 2020
$770,354.26 – December 31, 2019
$749,224.82 – April 21, 2019
$697,076.12 – November, 2018
$683,801.00 – August 5, 2018
$652,801.00 – July, 2018
$552,151 pledged – June 17, 2018
$407,076 pledged – June 3, 2018
$280,850 pledged – May 20, 2018
$256,500 Pledged – May 6, 2018

Oak Grove Church was founded in 1856. We currently worship at a beautiful facility built in 1904. One hundred fifteen years ago, our forbears sacrificed and labored to build a facility that has been used for God-glorifying ministry ever since. In one sense, we do not need a new facility. Our ministry is growing and thriving in many ways in our current situation. However, as a congregation we desire to build a new facility for three reasons: 1) to glorify God. 2) to reach the lost and 3) to love one another. A new facility will improve the visibility, flexibility and accessibility of our ministry. Our goal in building a new facility is not to improve the features of our facility. Church isn’t a building, it is a people. We are building because God deserves first place in our lives. We are begging God for the opportunity to build because our hearts are overflowing with joy for the salvation we’ve received and so we long to express our gratitude to God. We are building because the city of Evansville desperately needs the grace and truth of Christ and if they are to become disciples, we need to make room for them.

This webpage is a resource for those interested in partnering with us or following the story God is writing in us and through us. There will be periodic updates.

Jesus once told a family, “I need your donkey.” Now Jesus, being the Son of God, could have taken care of this ‘need’ through his own resources or power. However, when he asked an olive farmer to share his donkey, Jesus was giving that family an opportunity. An opportunity to be part of something bigger than them, something important. To support the glory of the Lord as Jesus rode triumphantly into the city on their donkey. Building a new facility is an opportunity to glorify God and to bless our city and the generations to come with Christ-exalting witness and worship. John Newton once said, “When you get to Heaven, you will not complain about the way by which God brought you.” Similarly, “when you get to Heaven, you will not regret one gift given to the Lord.”

Thank you for your interest in our facility project.