1. What denomination is Oak Grove Church?   

Oak Grove Church is not part of any denomination. We are an independent, non-denominational, Bible believing church. Check out  What We Believe for more information.

2.    Do I have to dress up to come to church?

God loves us just the way we are. You can wear whatever you wish. There may be people that are dressed very formally as well as people dressed very casually. God looks on the inside, not on the outside.

3.    Do I have to join your church if I attend?

Oak Grove Church is not a club – there is no membership required. We are a group of people who enjoy worshiping God together, who want to learn more about who He is and His plan for our lives.

In order to conduct some business that is required of a church, we do have memberships. But, we are much more concerned about your relationship with Jesus Christ than membership in some organization.

4.    Do you serve communion every Sunday?

Communion is served the first Sunday of every month.

5.    Where can I find the church contact information, and information about Service times and Community Groups?

Church information and general contact information, can be found on the Contact page. Service times and directions can all be found on the Services  page. Contact the church office for Community Group information.

6.    What is your e-mail address?

Our church office e-mail address is office@oakgrovechurch.com.

7.    I would like to register my child into your Awana program. How would I go about doing that?

Our Awana program runs during the school year. You can learn more about our Awana program on our Awana website page.

8.    What Bible do you use?

The Bible version we use for our sermons is English Standard Version (ESV), although we don’t discourage the use of other versions for your own use and personal study.